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Hi Abbie, interesting post. My family is starting a very little wetland project in the Wairarapa and I’m really interested in your inquiry. You might be interested in my sister’s book: Learning to lead together, an ecological and community approach by Dr Jane RIddiford. I made her subscribe to this blog…. I wonder if your enablers could be more specific about the role of mana whenua and the general opening up of government and NZ society to te ao Māori. Possibly captured in your third bullet, but I reckon that it’s worth very explicit consideration.

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Thanks Lucy. I love that you have your own wetland project - they are so important. Yes - I absolutely agree about the role and growing influence of Te Ao Māori - it will be a critical enabler of change. The framework I'm using asked for clustering into themes - and I'm wondering if the themes I came up with are too high level of be meaningful or useful - and your feedback is confirming my emerging view that they probably are. Thank you.

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